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UNCG State Employees Combined Campaign


2022 Campaign Results

Amount Raised: $74,585
Our Goal:    $125,000
% of Goal Reached: 62%
Participation Rate: 9%
Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/donation-thermometer/.$125,000Raised $77,375 towards the $125,000 target.$77,375Raised $77,375 towards the $125,000 target.62%

What is SECC?

The State Employees Combined Campaign (SECC) was established in 1984 by Governor James B. Hunt to offer North Carolina state employees an efficient, safe, and easy way to support local, national, and international charities. Charities apply annually and must meet the stringent SECC eligibility requirements. This year there are almost 900 SECC charities. Pledges can be made through payroll deduction, cash, check, credit card, or stock transfer. Giving through the SECC is easy and many choose to give through the SECC for a variety of reasons: the organizations meet stringent SECC eligibility requirements, and they do not sell your information. The low SECC administrative costs mean more of your donation goes directly in support of the organization’s primary mission.